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How has Creative Data helped its Graduates? Interview 2


Wondering what opportunities the Creative Data programme will give its students? Before Christmas, we questioned Adam Gregory, a Creative Data graduate who attended the Academy in April 2017 and is now a CRM assistant at Global.

The next graduate we questioned was Alice Pinch who also attended the Creative Data Academy in April 2017 and is now Social Media and Content Marketing Manager at debt management company PayPlan.

1. Why data? What gets you so interested and excited by it?

Studying Marketing at university, I increasingly realised that everything was based on data. Every decision you make from product to production to distribution is based on initial market research, which is data. Companies put increasing importance on consumer databases, engaging with consumers which is analysed through data and forecasting for the future, which is based on data! Everything today is data driven, whether it’s Facebook content algorithms or the products you see on your supermarket shelves.

2. Do you have an interesting fact about data we might not know?

I read the other week that by 2018, email users will likely access their email accounts exclusively from their mobile devices! So mobile responsive websites and mobile friendly email communications are really important. Source:

3. If you had to describe your Creative Data experience in one word, what would it be?


4. How do you think Creative Data has helped you in your career journey?

After attending the Creative Data academy I had a lot of insights and edge over other interviewees because I knew a lot about what was happening in the industry. It allowed me to have an extra talking point in my interviews, and because it was a voluntary experience it showed that I am a proactive individual, it really impressed the interviewers.

5. What advice would you give people looking to pursue a career in the data industry within marketing?

Do your research! This course is an excellent opportunity to do this – data is such a huge industry within itself and there are so many different job roles within it so look at what is best for you.

6. Tell us about your current role. What does a typical day look like and what do you look forward to most each day?

I’m currently a Social Media and Content Marketing Manager for a debt management company – every day I spend an hour of my morning doing research and seeing what the hot topics are in the news and update our social channels to reflect this. I am responsible for creating content too so sourcing data both internally and externally to write blogs, create infographics and share insights with the public.

I look after our paid social campaigns too and have to measure the success/failures of these through analysing the data and comparing to previous campaigns and also calculating the return on investment.

Every day is different, and every day is interesting because social media is such a fast paced industry, algorithms are changing every day and I have to keep on top of it!

7. What impact do you think your role has on the business as a whole?

We don’t do any nationwide campaigns apart from social media outreach, so I am responsible for showcasing our brand to the general public. I also generate leads for the business through this outreach which in turn brings business in for the company.


The Creative Data programme gives people aspiring to enter into the data and marketing industry the skills and connections they need to do so. Click here to find out more and to apply – Be quick, applications close 31st January. 

If you missed our first interview with Adam Gregory you can see it here.

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