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DMA Scotland is the authority for one-to-one marketing in Scotland covering the DMA, IDM and DMA Talent.

DMA Scotland's mission 
"We are here to help organisations in Scotland to responsibly deliver value to their customers by making the best of the opportunity that GDPR has to offer, and by demonstrating how we can take customer engagement to bold new heights through nurturing, retaining and leveraging local talent, and celebrating/inspiring creativity through content and realising the true value of data".
Firas Khnaisser, Chair, DMA Scotland council.

DMA Scotland has strong links with key business influencers and other local trade bodies/associations in order to promote and support DMA members, and the industry, and north of the border.

The council welcomes member input on all regional and national issues. We welcome ideas for content, speakers, PR opportunities and research. Get involved in driving change by joining the DMA Scotland council.

To get involved with the one-to-one marketing industry in Scotland, you can see what's going on here

To find out more about the council and its work contact

Lisa McLauchlan, Community manager, DMA Scotland
T 07802 885 704

Get to know the DMA Scotland council below.