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DMA | Organisation | Murphy Sullivan Associates Limited trading as Channel Doctors
Murphy Sullivan Associates Limited trading as Channel Doctors


Wilfred Road
United Kingdom

Customer channels done right

You want to optimise your customer channels first time.

Today’s complex and fast changing environment effects each business uniquely and our team of experienced specialists can help you make the right decisions.

Faster than ever, customers’ expectations, channel preferences and loyalties are shifting, transforming and evolving. If that isn’t your reality now, it’s likely to become so sooner than you think.

All this change creates stress, threat and opportunity.

In response, organisations need to accelerate their innovation, experimentation and execution.  Meanwhile, you need to maintain a high level of engagement with customers and brand consistency, across a growing number of channels – self-serve, person-to-person, via contact centre, social, collaborative or white label partners.

Ease the strain by calling on the expertise and experience of Channel Doctors. We’ve learned what works and doesn't work for others.

We’ll help you align and optimise your customer facing sales, distribution and service channels.  You will be better equipped to manage your customers, engaging with and marketing to them, delivering customer service and fulfilling expectations.

In parallel, we are using our experience in customer management to help organisations address the requirements of the GDPR and the 2018 UK Data Protection Act. Focusing on customer acquisition, retention and service, we help companies understand how to use your customer data compliantly - and to competitive advantage.


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