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When & Where?

Thursday, 12th October 2017
- 18:00

Norloch House
36 King's Stables Road
United Kingdom

Ticket Information

DMA/IDM/IPA member    £50 (+VAT)

Non member                        £75 (+VAT)

Student                                 £20 (+VAT)


Part of #effweek, hear from speakers including The Economist, The Union and the Scottish Government on using data to make your business work better.

Big Data means more data.

Picking insights out of that data becomes more difficult as the data increases. Big Data isn't the answer to your marketing, but a new challenge.

Both insight and data have important roles to play in developing powerful and effective creative work. How can we make our creative ideas better by using insight and data more effectively? 

Hear some of the best and brightest minds in marketing and beyond in Edinburgh on 12 October. They will explain how they used data, insight and research to develop great advertising solutions that work.  

Hear from:

  • Pauline Aylesbury, head of strategy & insight at Scottish Government
  • Nicci Motiang, head of planning at The Union re: The Parents Pilot
  • Iain Noakes, chief customer journey officer at The Economist
  • Shazia Ginai, head of business development at Neuro-Insight
  • Michael Briggs, director, Growth: global SEO & content at Skyscanner

Whether your business needs to create commercial value or change behaviour, nothing is as effective as a mash up of art, imagination and science.

Come and get it.

#effweek #dma

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For all enquiries regarding this event, including sponsorship opportunities, please contact Lisa McLauchlan.

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