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Customer Engagement: Focus on automotive


From the brand, to the dealership, to after-sales care, driving engagement in automotive is proving a challenge - especially with the possibility of a shift to online purchasing disrupting the space.

Read below to stay informed of the latest consumer attitudes.

Consumers favourite named over 40 automotive brands as their favourites, both manufacturers and dealerships.

Brand equity achieves cut through across age, gender and class demographics.

Automotive suffers from a trust deficit and is not delivering in the eyes of consumers - but there is opportunity to turn the tide.

Scott Logie, Chair of the DMA Customer Engagement Committee and MD at REaD Group, explains:

"On one level, we see auto mirroring retail in the move to online. On another, we see that auto faces unique challenges. Car manufacturers and dealerships face the lowest level of trust of all the sectors the Customer Engagement campaign has studied. Hopefully, the increasing digitisation of the auto space will see a rise in transparency and, correspondingly, consumer trust."

Virtual and augmented reality are also creating new ways to engage, and the potential shift to online looms and promises to take the auto sector in the same way as retail - rapid response, data-led and transparent.

Scott Logie explores today's savvy consumer further:

"Buying a car isn’t the same as it used to be. The ease with which consumers can research prices and specs online before arriving at the forecourt means they are armed with a negotiating stance before they arrive. For those that don’t, a quick reach into the pocket and a few taps, and the market rate for a given model can be brought up on a smartphone screen." 

Clearly, the online shift is already happening - read on to find how auto brands can adapt accordingly.

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