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GDPR and you, chapter five


As we enter a new era of data management, we present to you our fifth in a series of surveys on marketers’ attitudes towards the new legislation – equipping you with the need-to-knows for the road ahead.

The date that has been reverberating around your office walls for the past year is finally upon us.

And so, our latest published research looks at the state of UK marketers’ attitudes, awareness and preparedness to the GDPR – with key insight into the growing belief that the benefits of the new regulations to consumers outweigh the disadvantages to businesses, and more.

‘GDPR is a watershed moment for organisations as they strive to make data protection a core brand value,’ said Chris Combemale, CEO of the DMA ‘that journey doesn’t end on May 25  and industry professionals must continue to learn and adapt as they - and their consumers - get to grips with the new legislation’

Dive into our latest report to discover:

  • How prepared marketers say their organisations are with implementation plans
  • What percentage of employers say they still have no plans in place ahead of the new legislation
  • What percentage of respondents’ businesses have already appointed a data protection officer
  • What remains the major concern for the industry surrounding GDPR

This research represents the most comprehensive investigation into marketing and the GDPR, now into its fifth edition.

If you need help preparing for the GDPR, download our GDPR checklist to help you plan.

Read: The GDPR and you, chapter five

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