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Global data privacy: What the consumer really thinks


Never before has it been so important to understand how consumers think of data and their privacy.

Our latest research has gone worldwide, bringing valuable insight to our growing global community. 

Compiled in collaboration with the GDMA and Acxiom, these latest findings reveal how consumers around the world take a similarly pragmatic approach to sharing their data.

‘Our research shows that consumer attitudes are changing in a positive way that makes us optimistic’ ‘said Chris Combemale, GDMA board member and CEO of the DMA ‘But, as we move forward, it will be a challenge to see how businesses can capitalise on this a positive consumer attitude and ensure that consumers’ relationship with the data economy does not end with a reluctant acceptance of its existence.’

Read on to learn:

  • What percentage of consumers across 10 markets and four continents surveyed are ‘data pragmatists’
  • How one in four consumers have little concern about how their data is collected and used
  • Which countries feel they should have ultimate responsibility for their data security over government institutions or businesses

Go global and get up to speed on how the world is sharing its data - with summaries and key takeaways to help you better your business.

Click here to view the full report

To find out more about the GDMA and link to the local reports for each of the 10 countries within the study, visit:

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