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Andrew Riddle

Andrew Riddle

Client Services Director

Andrew heads up RAPP Edinburgh and is member of the RAPP UK Senior Management team.

He is a highly experienced and motivated marketer, leading networked and local business. Andrew has 19 years of B2B and B2C knowledge (operational and day to day) with credentials that extend across: leading HPE EMEA, SAP Omnicom EMEA, ScottishPower Domestic and SME, Scottish Enterprise, Historic Scotland and Gleneagles Hotel. He has a strong understanding of digital direct marketing, integrated communications and always strives to present high-precision ideas that get results.

Andrew has also worked for OgilvyOne Worldwide in London (Board level) and New York, partnering with brands that include Bank of Scotland, IBM One Voice, TD Ameritrade, Nestle Friskies, Cisco UK and EMEA, British Gas, Zurich Connect, BT Consumer/Business and Global Services.