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Caroline Worboys

Caroline Worboys

Managing Director of Starcount and Deputy Chair of the DMA

Caroline is Managing Director of Starcount. At Starcount we are helping businesses become truly customer centric by working with clients to drive value from all types of data, (including new big data sources), layering social intelligence and using new approaches to understand customer segmentation, motivations and mindsets. 

Caroline brings a wealth of experience in the data industry. After selling her data business to News International, Caroline went on to consolidate and lead the post-sales growth of their data-centric businesses as CEO of Broadsystem, and their future evolution post-second sales to Callcredit Information Group. After Callcredit was sold to private equity, Caroline headed Wunderman Data and Insights in Europe and then globally, based in their New York office. 

Caroline was chair of the IDM for over 10 years, is on the board of the DM Trust and is Deputy Chair of the DMA. 

Along with investing in a variety of data-centric and Fintech start-ups, Caroline has worked with a broad range of high-profile clients around the world, including Shell, Adidas, Coca Cola, Barclays, Npower, Lancome, Air Canada, United Airlines, Financial Times, The Time, BBC, Channel 5, ITV and Sky.

Get in touch with Caroline on Twitter @caworboys or linkedin